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Employees Guide to using Xero Me for Payroll

Xero Me is a self service app that empowers your team. Give staff tools to submit timesheets, leave requests and more.

Request leave as an employee

Using Web

Ask your payroll administrator for access to Xero Me (formerly My Payroll), then log in with your Xero Me email and password.

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Xero Me, then select the Leave tab.

  2. Click New Leave Request.

  3. Complete all fields including:

  4. Type of Request – Select the leave type.

  5. Description – This isn't included on your payslip.

  6. Approver – Select one or more people to approve your request.

  7. Start Date and End Date – Select the first and last days of your leave.

  8. Hours – Request part-days separately to enter number of hours.

  9. Click Request.

Using iOS

Using Android

Add or edit your own timesheet

Using Web

Create and submit a timesheet

  1. In Xero Me, select the Timesheets tab.

  2. Click Add Timesheet.

  3. From the Period list, select the pay period.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Enter your timesheet information including the Earnings Rate, Tracking Category (if the option is there), and the total hours you worked each day.

  6. (Optional) Click Add another line if any of your hours are on a different earnings rate or tracking category.

  7. (Optional) Add project time into your timesheet.

  8. Click: Save Draft to finish the timesheet later or Submit

  9. Under Selected Approvers select who approves your timesheet.

  10. Click Submit to send it to the approver(s).

You can select one or more people to approve your timesheet. To deselect an approver, click the name again.

Edit a timesheet

You can make changes to a timesheet if it hasn’t yet been approved yet.

  1. Select Xero Me, then select the Timesheets tab.

  2. Click the timesheet, then Revert to Draft.

  3. Update your timesheet and submit it for approval.

Delete a timesheet You can delete a draft or rejected timesheet. If the timesheet has been submitted for approval, return it to draft by editing it first.

  1. Select Xero Me, then select the Timesheets tab.

  2. Find the timesheet, then select Delete Timesheet.

Create a timesheet template You can create a template to base your future timesheets on.

  1. Select Xero Me, then select the Timesheets tab.

  2. Click the approved timesheet you want to save as a template.

  3. Click Save as Template.

  4. Give the template a name and click Continue.

Use the template to add a draft timesheet Submit a timesheet based on a template that you've already saved.

  1. Select Xero Me, then select the Timesheets tab.

  2. Click Add Timesheet.

  3. Select a pay period and click Continue.

  4. Click Load Template, choose the template you want to use, then click Continue.

  5. Make the changes, then Save Draft or Submit your timesheet as usual.

Your changes update the timesheet but not the template. You can also edit or delete a template.

Using iOS

Using Android

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