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Get Cash for your Invoices Today!

Many may have heard about invoice factoring. So before we get into the solution Empros can offer lets get our definitions sorted.

Invoice factoring: Type of invoice finance where you "sell" some or all of your company's outstanding invoices to a third party as a way of improving your cash flow and revenue stability. A factoring company will pay you most of the invoiced amount immediately, then collect payment directly from your customers.

The reason many people don't link invoice factoring is because under these arrangement the factoring company collects payment directly from your customers. There is a risk that your customers will think your is struggling or has cashflow issues, leading to reputational damage.

So how can Empros help?

We have partnered with partnered with Fundtap to allow clients to get paid on invoices on-demand and get much needed cash to spend on their business.

Why use Fundtap?

  1. Started In Minutes

  2. Fastest Cash Flow Available

  3. On Demand

  4. Sleep Better

How it works?

  1. Create a Free Account - It takes less than 5 min

  2. Link your Accounting System - No Paperwork

  3. Select your Outstanding invoices to Release Funds You decide which invoices. No minimum amounts

  4. FundTap Puts Cash Directly into Your Account Today - We can have funds to you in hours

How much does it cost?

Check out the pricing at Fundtap

Example for a $10,000 invoice

  • Fundtap will pay out $9,000 within 48 hours

  • Fundtap charges a fee of $515

  • When your customer pays your invoice of $10,000, Fundtap then direct debit your account for the advance and the fee - in this case, $9,515. The left over $485 is yours

What if your Customer doesn't pay?

2 days before Fundtap direct debits your account, they will send an email reminder. You can then change this direct debit date if needed.

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