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Running a business stressing you out?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Running a business can be one of the most stressful things you can do.

I know from my personally experience in running different businesses we often forget to look after ourselves and instead feel like we have to be constantly hustling and doing. The funny thing is, we have good intentions to put the business before our wellbeing and this has a counter intuitive affect on the actual business.

Your wellbeing is vital to the growth and expansion of your business. Especially in the early days if you're burnt out you're not going to be reaching your full potential.

In my journey I found these 6 ways to manage your stress and wellbeing very useful.

Recognise What's Going Well

Focusing on the good things about your business keeps your mind in the present. Something we do at Empros is we have a Slack chat for our daily "Wins". This is a great way to write down when things go well and celebrate it with your team.

Identify Your Stressors

Often we get stressed because we overload ourselves with tasks and responsibilities. If you have a team it's important to delegate tasks to others and acknowledge that you don't have to do everything. If that’s not an option to delegate, knowing that a particular part of the job triggers anxiety can help you prepare to tackle it and just take a deep breath before going in. Over time, you can work on changing your response to the stressor.

“Self-awareness is key here because everyone is different,” says Mike McDonnell, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, global brand co-owner and podcaster.

Build a Solid Schedule

I don't know about you but something that helps me a lot is making sure I put everything into my calendar. When you have a regular routine, you know what to expect at work, and that gives you a sense of peace and control, making it easier to keep stress at bay.

Prioritise Your Time

It is vital to know that your wellbeing is important to your business, team and family. You need to dispel any view that you taking time to pause and rest is being unproductive. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of always being on the clock.

Just as you schedule time for certain tasks you need to get done, you should schedule free time.Make sure you educate your team and clients to know when you are contactable and when you're not.

Learn to Say 'No'

When approached with a request, you should ask yourself the following. If there is an overwhelming no to these questions, you probably should say No.

  • Is this something I want to do?

  • Do I have time to do it?

  • What is its importance level, and will it fit it into my schedule?’

Delegate or Outsource Tasks

As a business owner it can be hard to let go and give up control but for many business owners they say they wish they did it sooner. Business operators are stretched with responsibilities that limits their potential, deteriorates wellbeing and affects their capacity to engage the community. This i s why Empros is passionate about freeing up business owners time and give them peace of mind.

Sometime outsourcing your Financial Admin is a good place to start. Check out how Empros can help - Click Here

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