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Time for a Career change?

Right now changing is a trend and a great one. The midlife crisis then turned into the quarter life crisis, instead of the next evolution into what we would all just call a crisis of hormones. Now there is new a trend, this time for all people's regardless of how we try to divide life into percentiles. Its been coined the great resignation, but there is also another term going on the great regret. Where those who have quit regret doing so to begin with.

  • For the mystics, could this is the sign you've been looking for?

  • For sceptics, to use the example of the Wallstreet bets Gamestop saga, is this another ploy to keep people in their corporate golden handcuffs?

  • For our self described rationalists, what's the real data, should you quit or not?

Whether you're looking for a sign from the universe, sceptical with the data or a data driven decision maker. The following questions are for everyone, potentially even those not even considering a career change at all.

  1. What's the problem you're trying to solve? What is it specifically that's frustrating you?

  2. What can you do to solve the problem?

  3. What's your role in this problem?

  4. Final check - If you were to ask a trusted advisor, would they say you're moving forward to your ideal or running away from something?

Whether you leave or stay is not an answer I or anyone else who wrote words online can tell you. But whatever you do, I hope that these questions can help you closer to the answer you want.

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