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Why businesses in the Healthcare sector outsource their payroll?

We have noticed that in the healthcare industry, employee payroll can be complex and stressful, which can result in delays.

At Empros, we have the expertise and software partnership to be a reliable support to your finance team to help streamline and assist your payroll process with confidence.

Trying to roster large amounts of staff across several departments? Or tracking remote caregivers working multiple locations and shifts?

Benefits to Outsourcing
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes & Delays

  • Personalised solution that meet your business’ needs

  • Reliable value and fixed service costs

  • Free up your team & more time to focus on other areas

  • Save up to 40 hours a fortnight

  • Peace of mind with experienced experts ensuring work is done compliantly and on time.

  • Dedicated Support & Add-on to your team

  • Mitigate your risk as you scale up and down your payroll needs

Features of Empros Payroll
Client Case Study


Frequently delayed and inaccurate payroll that would cause issues between the internal payroll team and employees. Client's payroll team spent over 15 hours a fortnight rectifying issues and responding the frustrated employee emails.

Empros Solution:

They contacted Empros, where we reviewed and changed systems and processes to address payroll errors. We also assist in payroll processing to check errors.


Payroll is processed accurately and without delays. The internal payroll team was able to save over 10 hours fortnightly and employee complaints reduced by over 90%.

Client Testimony

"Empros have just been amazing. I am the director of a charity with a payroll of over 200 people. They have made our lives easier and have genuinely contributed to our growing success. More importantly, their values and behaviours are so aligned with modern business which makes it such a pleasure to work with the team. I cannot recommend them highly enough"

Spiro Pissas, Chief Executive Officer
The Intellectual Disability Foundation of St George


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